Monday, December 5, 2016

Stretching Your Supplies: Santa's Sleigh

Toni with you this fine Monday.  Only 3 weeks until Christmas so the holiday card-making is in high gear.  You too?

I have a really fun card today using the Memory Box Curling Cloud die as a sleigh!  I used a Copic to color the runners black and voila. I saw the cloud being used in this way on Pinterest--super genius concept, right?  The Avery Elle Christmas Packages stamp is the perfect size to fit the sleigh and I didn't have to color Santa's lower half--nice. I used the Waffle Flower Lacy Layers die and Lawn Fawn Puffy Cloud Border dies to create the layered base.  A lot of detail but flat and easily mailed!

Now I chose my package colors, love them, in keeping with this month's THD Challenge which starts this Wednesday the 7th. Be sure to check back then for the inspiration pic!


  1. A whole lot of joy happening all over this card and, as a result, all over my face! Mega smiles at your fabulous festive scene!

  2. Toni I love that nose-up Santa Claus! I had the pleasure of receiving one to play with in the November 12 Kits package - JOY!! that's what he brings me ... you've given him so many pretty boxes to deliver, too!!!

  3. Okay. Yes. I am double dipping as I re-read your post ... sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain! FAB U LOUS sleigh, and OH my gosh - is Santa wearing any pants at all?!
    =] =] =]

  4. Love that Santa's happy face...great card. Always enjoy seeing you stretch your supplies!

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