Thursday, August 4, 2016

Magical Cat Mother

Hey everyone, it's first Thursday and you are art walking with me today at The Heart Desires. First Thursday is our monthly art walk here in the city of Seattle, which I always miss due to work or other obligations.  Do you have a monthly art walk where you live?  Either way, let's do this thing together today! And now I bring you Magical Cat Mother!

I am featuring a mix of Concord & 9th's stamp sets-- and have so many ideas for making cat adoption cards with these two featured sets, Crazy Cat and Wonderful Woman, as well as Crazy Awesome after creating this one! 

I am also featuring Teardrops and Clear Dots, which you can see positioned around the floral crown in the photo above.

You can see how the star paper strip is raised in a 3-D curve for some interest in the picture above. 

Wondering about that Caticorn?  An awesome artist, Cate Anevski from Portland, OR creates fun creature combos. This happens to be a sticker that can be taken off the card and used elsewhere by the recipient as it is not adhered permanently. You can find her work at

And speaking of stickers-- I love Meri Meri, and had to pair this set with the card as part of the gift.   I am super excited to send this off to one awesome cat mama!

In closing, you might have noticed that I took my color cues, metallics, and textures (the leaves are woodgrain paper) from our current challenge that started yesterday. Get your card created and posted to our gallery before 8/31!

And if you love cats and unicorns, well Tonya has some great offerings to suit your heart's desire! Click the links to see the selection!  And if you missed this card from Toni, please click here for more unicorn magic!

Have a magical week, everyone!


  1. Sweet, LOVE the eclectic awesomeness!!!

  2. I bow to you, oh masterful one! Caticorns? I do believe, I do believe! xx

  3. I love this! The unicorn and rainbow cat just made my day. Thank you so much for sharing it with us Karen x

  4. Super duper amazing card, Kate! Full of interest, accents, embellishments, that you combine beautifully like no other. LOVE the unicat!


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