Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Honored Guest!

Hello friends!  Katie here and I have an exciting card to share with you today.  This card is made by our Honored Guest Michele Ferguson from I Card Everyone!

As a reminder, he is the challenge photo for this week's challenge.

Here is Michele's amazing card!  You should definitely visit her blog and learn all about this creation and you can do that HERE

Michele is the sweetest of people and an amazing designer!  I mean look at this, the texture, the color, oh-la-la!!!!  We are lucky to have her come an join us for almost every single THD challenge! She's won a time or two as well! :)  Now, admittedly, I had an error and didn't get her card up when the challenge went live.  I only hope this dear and lovely lady can forgive me! 

Big thanks to Michele and all our lovely visitors!


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